Enrolling Your Son In A Faith-Based Educational Program

Being around positive role models and spending time in a supportive environment that will encourage your child to forge a closer relationship with God might be a couple of the motivators that are encouraging you to enroll your teenager in an all-boy private high school. Learn about some of the benefits of receiving an education at a private facility and review the enrollment process.

Character Development, Biblical Teachings, And Academics

Catholic, Christian, and non-denominational religious schools may focus on each student's character development. Each child has a purpose in life and will discover their true passions by being encouraged to participate in a vast amount of activities, both while on and off campus. 

There may be opportunities to serve others through a humanitarian activity or to take spirituality to the next level by participating in prayer, meditation, or scripture readings. Faith is intertwined with each academic study. Students will be eligible to take many of the same courses that are offered at a public school. Sports, choral groups, art clubs, and community outreach clubs may be extended to those who would like to get involved in some extracurricular activities.

The Enrollment Process

Most private schools will have an online portal that parents or guardians can use to enroll their children. Many schools will also allow a student to be enrolled in person, provided that an appointment is made beforehand. During the enrollment process, you will be required to pay a fee and will need to furnish a copy of your child's school records.

If your teenager has been attending a public high school, a printed transcript can be submitted with the application that you fill out. If the school that you have selected for your son is a Christian academy, your teenager may be required to submit a Christian testimony. A testimony is a personal account of how he became a Christian.

If your child was baptized at the church that they attend, he can share this information and can describe what type of activities he is currently engaged in at the church. Some Christian schools require applicants and their parents to provide individual testimonies.

Before you submit your application, learn what a particular school has to offer. If you are concerned about the size of each class or the number of students who attend a school, acquire detailed information about the class dynamics. You may also want to view the campus and request written information about the educational facility to better acquaint yourself and your son with the school.