Top Signs It's Time to Move Your Child From a Public School to a Private Christian School

When many people think about enrolling their children in school, they think about doing so in the public school system in their local area. Of course, there are a lot of great public schools out there, and many parents and children are happy with their decision to choose public schooling. However, for some families, private schools—and Christian private schools in particular—can be a better choice. These are a few signs that it might be time to move your child from a public school to a private Christian school.

You're Not Happy With the Education Your Child Is Getting

Right now, you might be unhappy with the education that your child is getting in public school. You might not feel as if your child's teachers are spending enough time with your child, or you might not like the curriculum that is being taught. Of course, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to school administrators about your concerns; if you do, you could work together to apply relevant solutions. If you don't want to do this or if you do talk to school administrators or your child's teachers and aren't really happy with the results, then it might be time to look for another school.

If you carefully do your research and find the best private Christian school that you can, you might find that you will be a lot happier with your child's education in the long run. Or, you may find that the staff is easier to work with to meet your child's needs.

You Want to Instill Certain Faith-Based Values in Your Child

Public schools do not teach very much religious material. Some people prefer this, but if you are interested in instilling certain faith-based values and morals in your child, then you might want to look into a Christian school. Then, your child will be able to learn religious material while in class, and they can make friends with other children who are being raised in families with similar values.

You'd Prefer a Smaller and Tighter-Knit School

Some people like the idea of their children attending bigger schools, since they might like the idea of their child being able to mix and mingle with lots of different kids, or they might assume that bigger schools have more amenities for their children. However, some people prefer a smaller and tighter-knit school. If the latter applies to you and your family, you might be able to find it by transferring your child to a private Christian school. Just be aware that these schools come in different sizes, too, so you will probably want to specifically ask about things like classroom sizes and the number of kids who attend the school.